Issue Focus- (ISSN 3022-7992, EISSN 3022-800X)

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ISSUE FOCUS is AGAC’s biannual periodic report that was launched in 2020. It aims to address ageing and human rights issues as well as introduce the relevant policies and responses from ASEM partners in order to promote information sharing and awareness raising, and ultimately enhance cooperation among the ASEM partners on the issue of ageing and human rights of older persons.


The 2022 Issue Focus Special Edition introduces three best practices implemented by the Korean central government and municipal governments that help promote the human rights of older persons: ‘Automatic signal extension system', 'Taxi services', 'A happy meal together', 'Older person care by older persons', 'Human rights map for older persons', 'Longevity chair', 'Older persons care safe housing', 'WE STAY', 'Borin house'.

This Special Edition includes a detailed explanation of three best practices as well as interviews with persons in charge in respective practices and on-site monitoring on how older persons respond to them.


Through this Special Edition, we hope to provide ASEM partner countries with an opportunity to learn Korea’s various efforts to promote the rights of older persons and to contribute to the further advancement of the policies for older persons in Korea and beyond.



The Full Report is attached above.