Issue Focus- (ISSN 3022-7992, EISSN 3022-800X)

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ISSUE FOCUS is AGAC's periodic report starting from 2020, published biannually.


ISSUE FOCUS aims to address timely ageing and human rights issues as well as introduce the relevant policies and responses from ASEM partners in order to promote information sharing and awareness raising, and ultimately enhance cooperation among the ASEM partners on the issues of ageing and human rights of older persons. 

Each report covers a particular theme which reflects major and timely issues of ageing and human rights of older persons in Asia and Europe. 

ISSUE FOCUS Fall/Winter 2020 addresses older persons' rights and their challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic under the theme "Human Rights of Older Persons and COVID-19". The report  highlights the current situation of older persons and the responses in ASEM partners, as well as encompasses older persons' mental health, intersectional discrimination and the needs of a new UN convention on the rights of older persons.