Greetings from executive director

Welcome to our AGAC website.

ASEM Global Ageing Center(AGAC) is a newly installed institution approved by Asia-Europe Meeting(ASEM) in 2016 to promote international cooperation as a platform for protection and promotion of the human rights of older persons in an era of rapid population ageing.

The AGAC is working with ASEM partners, international organizations including, inter alia, the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development as well as international and national academies and NGOs to address urgent issues that older persons worldwide are faced with; poverty, discrimination, violence, abuse, exclusion and ageism, to name a few. To this end, the Center will serve as a forum to share policies and best practices among partners through conducting in-depth policy research, constructing an international network for cooperation, providing education and information about human rights of older persons in the ASEM areas.

The Center aims to achieve societal consensus that the aged persons are an incalculable asset with rich experiences, and to assist in dismissing the misplaced notion that they are a burden to the society. Moreover, the Center believes that all aged persons have a right to lead dignified, active, and healthy lives. Your support to the Center’s work and activities to protect and promote the human rights of older persons will be highly appreciated.

Im Hong Jae Executive Director ASEM Global Ageing Center