Key Activities

Contribute to promotion and protection of human rights of older persons in member countries with the lead of the center as a specialized international institution

International Specialized Institution for Human Rights of Older Persons
Domestic/International Cooperation(HUB)
Policy Research
  • Policy Development
  • Index Development
  • Monitoring
Exchange Cooperation
  • ASEM International Conference
  • Establishment of network for cooperation
Awareness-raising Education
  • Awareness-raising
  • Development of education material
  • Training for education
Information Service
  • Creation and operation of a website
  • Establishment of DB and information sharing

(Policy Research) policy development, investigation and research, development of index and monitoring

(Exchange‧Cooperation) host international conference, establish a network among public, private and academic sector at both home and abroad with the lead of a hub for human rights of older persons

(Awareness-raising‧Education) awareness-raising, training experts through education and capacity building

(Information Service) establishment of DB and information sharing regarding international policies, legislation and system and reports

Project 1 Policy Research
  • Policy Research and Development
    • Our center will perform policy research and development, and provide consultations on the issue of human rights of older persons
    • Based on the policy research and development, our center will publish research reports and various publications
  • Index Development
    • Our center aims to lead the preceding research on the index development, by developing qualitative and quantitative indicators
  • Monitoring
    • Our center will perform monitoring programs on various kinds of agendas such as older persons’ health, social participation and human rights state in the care facilities for the aged and in the local community
Project 2 International Exchange and Cooperation
  • International Conference on the Human Rights of Older Persons
    • Our Center will hold international conferences and international seminars with the participation of the ASEM member nations and international experts on the promotion and protection of the human rights of older persons
    • Cooperative Network on the Issues of Human Rights of Older Persons
    • As an international hub for the issues of the human rights of older persons, our center will create national/international networks between private, public sectors and academia in order to perform various collaborative projects
Project 3 Education and Public Relations
  • Awareness-raising
    • Our center will implement collaborative campaigns with local and foreign institutions for the improvement of the awareness of senior citizens
  • Educational Training and Development of Education Materials
    • Our center will develop and implement educational programs, and provide education materials regarding the ageing issues and the human rights of older persons
    • Our center will offer educational training programs and support enhancing the professional capacity of the relevant organizations of the ASEM member nations
    • Our center will provide training course for the instructor of the human rights of older persons, workshop sessions for the human rights activists, and other various education services
Project 4 Information Services
  • Global Ageing Website Operation
    • Our center will operate “Global Ageing (tentative)” website, which collects and shares information including national and international policies, legislations and major trends relevant to the human rights of older persons