Introducing Korea’s Best Practices of Local Governments for Older Persons

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[Case 16] Age-friendly Home Modification admin 2023-05-18
[Case 15] Innovative Bus Services Promoting the Mobility Rights of Older Persons admin 2023-04-13
[Case 14] Digital Guides in Orange Vests admin 2023-02-03
[Case 13] Jeonju Community-based Integrated Care Program admin 2022-12-30
[Case 12] The 100-Year-Old Yard: An Initiative by Seoul Municipality to Ward Off Dementia admin 2022-12-28
[Case 11] Our Neighborhood Child Care on Request admin 2022-12-07
[Case 10] Saengmyeongsup 100se healing center (Life-Forest 100 years Healing Center) admin 2022-11-15
[Case 9] Community Pension admin 2022-09-23
[Case 8] Public Funeral for Unattended Deaths admin 2022-08-30
[Case 7] A Happy Meal Together admin 2022-07-27
[Case 6] Korean Time Bank, Seoul Time Bank admin 2022-07-04
[Case 5] Promoting the Mobility Rights of Older Persons by Employing Taxi Services admin 2022-05-31
[Case 4] Best Practice for Older Person Care by Older Persons: three examples from Korea admin 2022-05-04
[Case 3] Efforts of Local Governments to Prevent Lonely Deaths admin 2022-03-22
[Case 2] A System for Protecting Vulnerable Pedestrians Using Artificial Intelligence: Changwon-si's Automatic Walking Signal Extension System admin 2022-02-28