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The human rights of older persons have received increasing attention globally, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. AGAC seeks to foster ongoing dialogue for its ASEM partners and to explore ways of supporting the human rights of older persons at the global level. To this end, the center hosts the AGAC Online Exhibition of Global Campaigns for the Human Rights of Older Persons, which collects and displays the work of campaigners from international organizations, civil society, governments, and the private sector as well as individuals from around the world.


In the exhibition, campaigners address various issues related to the human rights of older persons, such as ageism, a new UN Convention on the rights of older persons, women in old age, workplace age discrimination, the wellbeing of older persons, healthy ageing and changes in the narrative around age and ageing. Audiences are encouraged to share their thoughts in the comment sections on the website, to visit the campaign sites for more information on key issues of the human rights of older persons, and, finally, to join AGAC’s efforts to protect and promote the human rights of older persons.


This exhibition, which will run for a year starting in October 2021, features two interface options: a two-dimensional online display and a three-dimensional virtual reality exhibition (best viewed on a desktop computer for a full experience). This exhibition can be seen at www.agaccamp.org .