Issue Focus- (ISSN 3022-7992, EISSN 3022-800X)

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AGAC Issue Focus is a biannual periodical that aims to address ageing and human rights issues in a timely fashion. The publication introduces relevant ASEM partner policies and responses to a wider audience in order to promote information sharing and awareness raising, and ultimately enhance ASEM partner cooperation.


The AGAC Issue Focus Team prepared this Spring and Summer edition of Issue Focus: Mental–Emotional Health and the Human Rights of Older Persons. Valuable insight and input were provided by the contributors to this issue – Eunsoo Choi at Korea University, Debanjan Banerjee at the APOLLO Multispecialty Hospitals, Kiran Rabheru at the University of Ottawa, Carlos Augusto de Mendonca Lima at the World Psychiatric Association, Gabriel Ivbijaro MBE at Waltham Forest Community & Family Health Services, Robin Hewings at the Campaign to End Loneliness, Carmen Valle-Trabadelo at the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings, Sarah Harrison at the IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support, and Laure Garancher at The Ink Link.


We hope that this edition will inspire international advocates for older people’s human rights, and contribute to improving quality of life for older persons, particularly in the often-neglected areas of mental health and emotional well-being.


For more information, please see the attached report.